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Caprice 25512 low heel black stretch boot

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WHAT MAKES 9-25506-41-044 SPECIAL?
AIRMOTION stands for AIR (air) and MOTION (movement). In the CAPRICE insole, up to 300 air hemispheres ensure optimal air circulation and an ideal foot climate with every step. Another plus: The springy effect of the balls relieves your entire body and helps you to keep moving.

Stretch elements that are discreetly integrated into the design ensure a high level of comfort without compromising on the look. The upper of the shoe adapts to the individual shape of the leg and the running experience is optimized.
100% VEGAN
This shoe does not contain any animal ingredients. All shoes in the vegan line have been certified by the testing and research institute Pirmasens eV and bear the PFI test mark “100% vegan”.