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Caprice 25320 Ocean wedge

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WHAT MAKES 9-25320-41-880 SPECIAL?
MEMOTION stands for MEMORY (memory) and MOTION (movement). The soft memory foam in the MEMOTION footbed adapts ergonomically to the shape of the foot. After wearing, it partially returns to its original shape. The foot is repeatedly padded and comfortably embedded. MEMOTION also shows the effect of the cushion in the dynamics of running and absorbs hard impacts.

The removable footbeds developed by CAPRICE can be easily removed from the shoes and replaced with special insoles. An individual wearing comfort is therefore guaranteed.
Stretch elements that are discreetly integrated into the design ensure a high level of comfort without compromising on the look. The upper of the shoe adapts to the individual shape of the leg and the running experience is optimized.
At CAPRICE, high-quality leather and fashionable designs combine to create unmistakable shoe creations. Like a second skin, it caresses the foot. Thanks to its excellent breathability, the foot climate is also optimally supported.